Good Works is an outreach initiative of Christ Church Ithan and St Martin’s Episcopal churches.

We are a community of volunteers, some from our churches, others from the wider community, ready to help in practical ways by providing support to families in times of need.

We seek to mobilize members of our community to respond to the needs in our community that are often hidden so that no one is left forgotten or overwhelmed by circumstances in life that come their way.

Good Works offers short-term assistance throughout Radnor Township and surrounding areas, assisting people in difficult times to stabilize their situation and empower them to move forward.

Our interventions are meant to be impactful and facilitate transitions in the lives of those we serve.

We respect everyone’s privacy and dignity, working with people where they are.

Phone: 484-450-6154



Examples of what we do:

  • Minor home clean-up & repair

  • Yard clean-up

  • Assistance with shopping & errands

  • Assistance with meals

  • Emergency snow removal

  • Transportation to medical appointments

We are not equipped for long-term interventions or ongoing assistance in day-to-day living needs.

Friday, June 28th, Wayne

Assisted an elderly lady to move from one apartment to another. The Good Works team packed boxes, moved furniture and cleaned the new apartment prior to move-in.

Sunday, February 10th, Wayne

The team cleaned up a basement flooded from a burst pipe during the extreme cold of the previous week, and cleared out the first floor of this home as per a request from the Health Department so that the tenant could move back in.  We were able to completely sort through and clean out this 3-story house in three hours!

Saturday, October 13th, Drexel Hill

At this single-home cleanup, Martin and Bruce tackled all the outside yard work, Chris painted inside closets, Gabriella cleaned both bathrooms, Patrick painted/vacuumed/mopped the first floor, and Melanie and Jacqui washed down walls, baseboards, windows and vacuumed the second floor.

Joe (homeowner, dad/husband) was there for most of our time, and plied us with coffee and donuts in the morning and with hoagies, chips and water at the end.  He also shared their story, and was lovely and grateful. 

Ongoing Regular Activities

On a weekly basis, Good Works volunteers take the trash out for a gentleman who is unable to carry it to the dumpster in his apartment complex.